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Jogan Beach Jogjakarta, Beauty Wrapped In Gorgeous Waterfall

Jogan Beach flanked by high cliffs of the typical limestone mountain. Jogan Beach Jogjakarta like hotbed, where the water of the river down the mountain home on the ocean waves meet.

From dozens of beaches that were scattered along the 71-kilometer coastal Gunungkidul, Jogan Beach occupies a privileged position. Because of the presence of a waterfall that fell from the top of the cliffs to the sea’s lips. Reminiscent of McWay Beach Waterfall in California.

So far, not many tourists know about Jogan Beach. The exact location is to the west of Siung Beach is often forgotten by the rock climbers. The road to Jogan Beach Jogjakarta has been in line with one of the attractions of Gunungkidul, Siung Beach. It’s just that, the road to the beach is still in the cast blocks Jogan unlike road to towards Siung Beach who’s been paved smooth.

Location and Route Jogan Beach
The Jogan Beach Jogjakarta is located in the Tepus. To reach the Jogan Beach takes about two hours drive from Jogjakarta. Down the asphalt streets of smooth, winding hilly karst which is splitting the rest of the ocean millions of years ago.

When we get to the post retribution Siung Beach, meaning Beach Jogan is near, because of about 400 meters from the post. It would seem wooden plank signposts towards Jogan.

Replacing the asphalt is smooth, the trail becomes a guide to take you further, with two small rivers was accompanied on the left side who ignites and then transformed into a waterfall.

Unfortunately, beauty could only be seen when the rainy season, while in the dry season discharge very small water coupled with the activity water are siphoned off for the sake of the citizens.

View Jogan Beach Jogjakarta
For we can enjoy the water from the top of a cliff, we must get down to the bottom. There are two ways to fall, with the first technical canyoning aka rappeling in the waterfall.

Required tools and abilities qualified to do so. Secondly, stepping on a wet slippery derivative. Luckily the available wood handle as a sustainer of the body. Even so, caution is mandatory because of the steep path.

After the steep rocks are slippery, nan left one more challenge, we still need to go through an inhabited coral by thousands of baby crabs colored transparent measuring around 5 mm. This is indeed not a colony of red crabs of Christmas Island resident (which is near West Java but Australia owned).

But through it with bare feet are certainly not simple. The population is about ordinary took the baby crabs cooked this for friends, be warm rice in the rainy season. If lucky, visitors can also witness the hundreds of butterflies rocks in a huddle.

Washed down the fresh water from the rivers of the karst hills of secrets. The area did have an awful lot of water sources, which are unfortunately hidden in the bowels of the earth. But, it did not reduce at all in the beauty of the panorama sights of Gunungkidul.

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