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A Collection Of Interesting Gembira Loka Zoo In Jogjakarta

The city of Jogjakarta is a unique city that offers plenty of cultural and historical relics. There is an awful lot in Jogjakarta tourist destinations whether it’s natural attractions, history, religion, food and so on.
gembira loka zoo

In the city, we can enjoy a beautiful panorama-panorama and can add insight into knowledge about the history of Indonesia, in particular, the city of Jogjakarta. one of the attractions in Yogyakarta which are interesting to visit namely Gembira Loka Zoo. Gembira Loka Zoo becomes the attraction for tourists.

Gembira Loka Zoo

It is located in the basin of the Gajah Wong River. Gembira Loka Zoo access very easy with city transport and vehicles. Initially started from some animal Leopard that successfully captured the local population because of the distracting and parts originating from the slopes of the volcano forests on fire due to the heat clouds.

Tourism of Jogja Gembira Loka Zoo has a fairly complete collection of animals. Gembira Loka Zoo always trying to provide the best for the sake of convenience of visitors as well as the sustainability of nature. Several times heard that an elephant giving birth, their eggs incubate Parrot, as well as racehorses,  gave birth to his son.

A Collection Of Interesting Gembira Loka Zoo

In addition to displaying rare animals (mammals, Reptiles, Birds, Amphibians, Pisces) in the iron-barred cage display or walled or wood. Gembira Loka Jogja tourism also has an interesting collection of dried animal other who have been preserved. The preservation of animals placed in a special room that resembles a museum. The Museum is located on the banks of the artificial lake area Gembiraloka Zoo.

Further development of the Zoo along with the growing number of tourists, in 2007 built a laboratory natural Flora and Fauna as a means of learning Community, especially for students and children. This place there are various collections as diverse as collections of many types of insect and vertebrate or invertebrate animals.

The Zoo is also decorated by a verdant garden series with an interesting flower color. There is some tourism of Jogja old trees and large shady add to the beauty of this place. Gembira Loka zoo also has a forested land allowed to grow and also land for the seedbed. Most of these plants are not arranged neatly with the aim of presenting a natural atmosphere.

Gembira Loka Zoo now has a fairly complete collection ofanimals. Every year there are additional residents. Already several times the animal elephant gives birth to his son, also a rare Komodo dragon has animal incubate their eggs. In Gembira Loka Zoo, visitors can relax on board the boat are provided in the Lake. Moreover, it also can enjoy a different type of tree that grows a full existence.

Since the year 2010, Gembira Loka Zoo began to rehabilitate and reconstruct his beast’s garden. In fact, until the year 2012 is in the process of making to “Garden birds” and as for the “Garden of reptiles and Amphibians” are already in the stage of finishing touches. Some hawkers had begun to be addressed, in order to impress the neat and clean.

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