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Baron Beach Jogjakarta, Best Places To Visit in Indonesia

Jogja as a haven for the domestic and foreign. The province is a special region that has been known to keep the charm of the tour is incredible.

baron beach

No wonder that the city of Jogjakarta is becoming the target for travelers who want to do the tourist activity. Not only a cultural and culinary, this place also has lots of lineup of exotic beach you must visit, one of Baron Beach Jogjakarta.

Baron Beach saves the various natural charm which seeming to be an attraction for the tourists to visit this beautiful beach. This beach is indeed central hits among the visitors, the beauty of this beach is not inferior to Parangtriris Beach and Indrayanti beach. In addition, this beach also has its own uniqueness that is not owned by the beaches in Jogjakarta among others.

The Location Baron

Administratively, it is located at the Baron Kemadang Village, Tanjungsari sub-district, Regency of Gunungkidul in Jogjakarta. If from the heart of Jogja city, tourists must traverse a distance of about 63 kilometers or approximately two hours drive.

The location of this beach is also not far from other wonderful beaches located on the South coast of Jogjakarta such as Kukup Beach, Sundak Beach and Krakal beach.

To reach the location of this beach, which is the main road access to the beach it’s already smooth. However, travelers should remain cautious because of the condition of roadways and not too wide. Arriving at the beach site, visitors will be spoiled with a stretch of ocean blue and sand Brown.

The Charm Of Baron Beach

The beach located in the Gunungkidul Regency, Jogjakarta contain various uniqueness in it. The condition of the beach itself resembles a small Cove flanked by two hills on the left side and right side of the beach.

The two hills are the coral reefs that are filled with green plants so that adds to the beauty of this beach. These attractions have the beach with Brown and Black Sand which lay along the shore.

Unlike beaches in Jogjakarta, in general, the white sand, the brownish sand thus seems to add an exotic impression from this beach. Tourists can freely enjoy the sand at the beach while enjoying the vast sea.

Seawater contained at Baron beach belongs to the crystal clear turquoise color. Waves are not too large, that is because the coral reefs which seems to protect this exotic coast from fierce fierce waves of the South Sea. Tourists can freely play the water, to swim at the beach.

However, visitors are advised not to violate the safe limits set by the person who manages the beach. Because of the surge of the waves will be more dangerous when passing through this secure limits, it is recommended that visitors want to swim remain cautious and not over the limit are safe in order not to be dragged savagely wave waves.

One that is a magnet for tourists visiting this beach is the meeting between seawater and river water that is pretty rare found on other beaches. The river is under the sea on the West side of Baron. The water is fairly fresh, they are also a favorite place for visitors to swim.

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