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6 Interesting Places in Jogja That Viral on Social Media

The Special Region of Yogyakarta or in the world of tourism, better known as Jogja has many tourist attractions. Even always hits discussed in social media.

Start nature tourism, culinary tourism, historic places until the event draw has always been coveted the traveler in any city. A city synonymous with Malioboro, Prambanan Temple, Keraton, Merapi, and Parangtritis apparently still holds a great tour of the recently opened and direct hits. Interesting places in Jogja always crowded visitors.

Interesting Places In Jogja
Following a row of interesting places in Jogja more information for you.

1. Jogja Bay, Pirates Adventure Waterpark

These family-oriented attractions on a waterpark that existed in Orlando and Bali. The plan places in Jogja, it will be the largest and grandest waterpark in Indonesia.

Location Jogja Bay, Pirates Adventure Waterpark is located in the village of Depok, Maguwoharjo, Sleman. Maguwoharjo Stadium is located in the north. Jogja Bay has 19 water rides, including “How to Survive in tsunami and earthquake”.

2. Mojo Gumelem Hill

Tourism objects in Yogyakarta are located in the hamlet of Gumelem, village Mangunan, district Dlingo, Bantul Regency. These sights present outstanding natural scenery. One of the unique spot tourism is a form of viewing booths that resembles a bird’s nest and sunflower photo spot. Pull it again, in a period of four months there will be a replacement icon selfie spot so you won’t feel bored.

3. Kalibiru

These natural attractions are the Kalibiru village, Kulonprogo, Yogyakarta. Vacation spots in Jogja is a beautiful natural view and equipped with flying fox rides. Yogyakarta resort is famous for its charming photography spot with views of the reservoir and the tracks walks which varied in length.

4. The World Landmarks Merapi Park

Located in Kaliurang, exactly in front of the Museum of Mount Merapi’s latest tourist spot, this one serves a different atmosphere. With some typical buildings from different countries, you can get interesting photographs of typical buildings set in other countries.

5. De Mata Trick Eye Museum

View of the museum which is identical with the boring atmosphere will soon change. Of course, after you visit the De Mata Trick Eye Museum. Family attractions located on the Veteran street, Basement Floor Building Umar kayam, XT Square area. It has about 120 fruit collection of 3D images.

6. The Lost World Castle Cangkringan

This interesting places in Jogja recently opened in March 2017 and already very popular because of a lot of the pictures that are shared on social media. A unique spot that used to be called Takeshi is in Kaliurang on the foot of Mount Merapi. In Kepuharjo Village, Cangkringan, Sleman. In addition to the cool mountains of eve is soothing, the splendor of the mountain is also clearly visible in fine weather.

At this area, there are many unique spots that could be enshrined in a photo, the one spot of clouds that will keep visitors seems to be above the clouds. Likewise with spot gold Wing. Not to mention a replica dinosaur lying on the camp of the Indian tribes. Wow, really fun guaranteed.

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