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Sadranan Beach Yogyakarta, Fun and Hits Snorkeling Spot

Snorkeling is an activities beach or dives underwater using the complete equipment to enjoy the natural beauty of the depths of the sea. In addition to the beaches of Nglambor, there are still some other beaches in Yogyakarta which can be used to enjoy the beauty of underwater.

 One of which is the Sadranan Beach. Sadranan Beach Yogyakarta have white sand beach and coral. It’s just, Sadranan Beach coral has tended to be a little bit.

The beach that exists between Krakal Beach and Indrayanti Beach is still very quiet because seldom visited by tourists. When the holidays alone would be a little more crowded than on a typical day. However, it becomes the attraction of the Sadranan Beach.

Quiet and calm. For you who love nature, there is no harm in trying to set up tents on the edge of the beach. Sadranan Beach Yogyakarta is indeed very suitable to enjoy the silence of the night with friends.

Location and Route Sadranan Beach Yogyakarta

Sadranan Beach is located in the hamlet of Pulegundes II, the village of Sidoharjo, subdistrict Tepus, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. If you are from the Klaten: the regional head Cawas – then headed Semin – Watukelir – to plainly pass Karangmojo – Tanjungsari – Krakal Beach – and came on the Sadranan Beach.

The second Sadranan Beach route if you are passing through the city of Yogyakarta: Solo – Klaten (street Solo-Yogyakarta) – Piyungan – Patuk – Sambipitu – TNI Gading airstrip – Siyono – Roundabout straight to BPD Monument east – Wonosari – Baron street – next to Tanjungsari – post retribution beach in Gunungkidul – Krakal Beach – came to the Sadranan beach.

View Sadranan Beach Yogyakarta
Sadranan Beach being the young traveler’s dream place to enjoy nature Indonesia through snorkeling. Snorkel on the Sadranan Beach, which visitors do not need to be on the high seas, but enough around the beach area.

Because this place other than its a bit in, as well as the surge of waves, is not so noticeably or be said quite quietly. Surely to dive or snorkel needed a complete tool, such as floats, swimming goggles, snorkel, and others. Visitors do not need to bother carrying from home, for on the Sadranan Beach, manager already provides the equipment rental.

Watu Pecah and Kali Senggoro, that is the most popular spot for snorkeling. Of course, it would be very cool if this comes to the beach with friends or companions.

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When snorkeling, you can see inside the sea, there are thousands of exotic coral reefs as well as other types of fish. Such as fish Areng-Areng, Botana Achilles, Lepu Morish, and also a Yellow Bontana fish which is certainly spoiling your eyes when seeing it.

Sadranan Beach Inn
Sadranan Beach Inn is already not an oxymoron. Because Sadranan Beach already on the beach there is an inn that sits on top of a hill. A beautiful residence with superb views and could see the sea from the Inn.

In addition, the manager allowed visitors for camping, but needs to be defined by the manager is maintaining cleanliness after enjoying the beach.

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